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China's market status and demand forecasting tape

Date:2011-07-15 09:21

Content Tip: tape industries and enterprises in China are widely distributed and number, but relative and relatively concentrated. Almost all provinces and autonomous regions nationwide tape manufacturers, and hundreds of large and small enterprises; but mainly concentrated in the tape business, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Guangdong and other provinces.

A basic status of China's tape industry and their status

1.1 Production capacity and production

China is the world's tape production and consumption country, the country has a certain scale of hundreds of tape manufacturer. Rough estimate, in 2004 the annual consumption of plastic tape product volume (including resin) of about 10 million t, accounting for the world consumption of plastic tape volume 1 / 3, accounting for about rubber consumption is about 2.5% of the amount of glue. According to industry rough statistics, the country's annual production capacity of conveyor belt about 250 million m2, V belt Am annual production capacity of 1 billion or more, among the highest in the world. According to relevant statistics, from 2001 to 2004 the national production of conveyor belts were 7246,7327.52,8876.21,10000 Wan m2, V respectively, with production 63700,65410.45,76341.2,88000 Wan Am. It is estimated that in 2004 gross national product tape about 60 billion yuan, accounting for about 4% of the total value of rubber around.

According to customs statistics, from 2001 to 2004 the country of export delivery value of tape products were 6300,6256,8635,12720 million U.S. dollars, imports were 6011,6200,10415,11916 million. It can be seen in 2004, export value of China's tape products have increased considerably over 2003, but still basically the same with the imports. Overall, our tape products is more than self-sufficiency, and some exports, excess capacity; the contrary, due to different specifications and quality standards, and other factors, need to be part of the annual imports.

1.2 Regional Development Features

Tape industries and enterprises in China are widely distributed, quantity, but the relative and relatively concentrated. Almost all provinces and autonomous regions nationwide tape manufacturers, and hundreds of large and small enterprises; but mainly concentrated in the tape business, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Guangdong and other provinces. In addition, our industry's top adhesive tape 10 of adhesive tape production accounting for about 60% of total output. For example, the Rubber Industry Association, Zhejiang Province, according to statistics, the province's 2004 output reached 450 million V-belt Am, accounting for 51.1% of national output; conveyor output reached 14.06 million m2, accounting for about 14 total %; tape export delivery value reached 288 million yuan, accounting for about tape export delivery value of 1 / 4. The tape industry is concentrated in Zhejiang Province in Ningbo, Shaoxing, Tongxiang, three, roof and other areas. Again, according to Shandong Rubber Industry Association statistics, in 2004 the province's output of enterprises above designated size reached 29.4 million conveyor m2, accounting for about 30 percent of total output conveyor. According to another pipe with a branch of the investigation, mainly in Hebei Province, the conveyor belt Lixian, Boye area, production capacity of about 5,000 m2, the annual production of 30 million m2.

1.3 Joint Venture

Since reform and opening, China adhesive tape industry continues to expand cooperation with foreign countries, actively introduce foreign investment, has established a number of joint ventures, such as Galaxy Depp Tape Co., Ltd. Shandong, Shanxi Phoenix Tape Co., Ltd., Eastern Automotive Rubber Products Co., Ltd.. These enterprises, financial and technical advantages of technology and equipment is better, higher quality products in the industry have a certain impact.

1.4 Product Quality

Past 20 years, rapid development of China's tape products, whether it is belt or belt varieties are more complete, and with international standards. In product quality level, more attention to the timely adoption of international standards and advanced foreign standards. At present, more than 30 national standards or industry standards. Basically, these countries are based on industry standards or international standards or advanced foreign standards developed. At present, the synthetic fiber and steel cord conveyor belt for the skeleton of the belt about 80% of the total; cord structure of the V-belt V-belt is close to 80% of the total, close to the international advanced level. Since 2003, the state of the flame-retardant conveyor belt with two types of products and automotive V permit implementation of the production system, which is China's product quality and raise the level of tape is a great promotion. Mine flame-retardant fabrics for conveyor belt including flame retardant conveyor belt (PVC-and PVG type), coal fire with steel cord conveyor belt, and four types of general-purpose flame-retardant, with its output accounting for conveyor belt production 1 / 3. As the flame retardant and antistatic belt requirements, and key state-controlled explosive used in place of its relatively high technological content of products, the product quality level in a way to represent our product conveyor belt level of quality. Automotive V-belts, including edging and trimming car V-belt V-belt are two types of car, automobile V-belt is the use of V-belt conditions are relatively harsh high-tech products in the product, its quality status to some extent also can represent our product quality V-belt status.

From the sampling point of view, our strength and width of the flame-retardant conveyor belt level is still low. In addition, China's conveyor belt service life and appearance of the actual quality and advanced level, there are still some gaps, these are our future efforts. The automotive V-belt quality of the product subject to further stabilize and improve, V belt fatigue life with the advanced level there is a gap between the package edge V-belt is also a certain proportion, it should accelerate the pace of replacement.

1.5 level of production technology

At present, the overall level of development of industrial adhesive tape with the international advanced level of basic synchronization. Some medium-sized enterprises tape, another from Europe and other developed countries and regions, the introduction of a number of more advanced tape manufacturing equipment and technologies, based on the digestion and absorption, but also a number of innovative development close to the international advanced level but also with Chinese characteristics tape production technology and equipment, and gradually make our tape production technology to a new level, close to the international advanced level. In addition, the number of joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises in China also contributed to the emergence of adhesive tape production technology levels.

However, due to financial, institutional, management and other reasons, China adhesive tape production technology enterprises and uneven development, a number of business equipment and technology level is still relatively backward. China adhesive tape production technology and advanced level, the gap is relatively large place also in the means of detection. Currently some of our medium-sized enterprises static test tape is still basically means complete, but a general lack of dynamic testing methods, especially dynamic test equipment with a variety of conveyor belt, basically non-existent, dynamic testing machine with a belt, has been gradually introduced from abroad aging, to be made to further improve the quality of our tape products in order to ensure the quality level of the backward testing situation must be changed.

1.6 economic efficiency

In recent years, thanks to China's coal, steel, power, mining, automotive, agricultural and other industries, China's production of conveyor belts and V-belt has been a significant growth year after year. Although production increased, but the economic benefits the industry has declined. According to Section 41 of the tube with tape member statistics, 2004 compared to 2003, economic decline there are 30 companies, accounting for 73% of the total membership, 20 loss-making enterprises, accounting for 48.7 %. Some basic good business, benefits also fell. The reason there are about three points: First, a sharp rise in raw material prices, production costs increased. 2004 tape industry's need for raw material prices rose across the board, an increase of 30%. Second, the price war disrupted the market. Conveyor belt users to price scaling, their peers, keep the prices down is serious. In the case of raw material price increases, not only did not tape the price rise, the worse. Third, supply exceeds demand, causing the user ignore the prices of raw materials, products, the reality of rising costs, lower prices are still big, in order to capture the market, some companies have reluctantly cut prices, resulting in disorderly competition and ultimately the economic benefits of the industry has been lost .

However, some relatively strong strength of the company, insist on quality win, adhere to the profit is more important than the principle of market share, price competition is not blind, but also achieved good economic results.

1.7 Main raw materials

Our tape products with elastomer materials, including natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, polyvinyl chloride resin. Tape production estimates based on 2004 consumption of a variety of elastomer 10 million t, including a variety of additives including carbon black were about 150,000 t. Tape products in China is the mainstream polyester reinforcing material, followed by nylon, steel, fiberglass and cotton fiber, according to the tape output estimates in 2004, a total consumption of the national conveyor belt fabric with a core about 3.5 million t, steel wire of about 1 Wan t; V with the consumption of polyester cord and cord around 10,000 t, about 30,000 cotton canvas, etc. t.

2 Forecast of production and demand

2.1 Market Analysis

Tape industrial development mainly depends on coal, steel, cement, electricity, ports, mining, automotive, petroleum, textile, light industry, machinery industry. "15", China's sustained and rapid development, led to the development of various trades, to the tape industry has brought good opportunities for development. In 2004, China's coal production more than 1.9 billion t, the average annual growth of more than 200 million t; steel production reached 272 million t; power generation capacity of 220 million kWh; cement production of about 950 million t, ranking first in the world one. Vehicle production reached 5.0705 million, ranking fourth in the world, an increase of 14.1%. Completion of 98,300 units and medium-sized tractors, up 83.9%; small tractor to complete 1,794,000 units, up 0.9%.

Meanwhile, the state has adopted measures to expand domestic demand is expected to continue for some time will no doubt will drive automobiles, building materials, light industry and other industries. In addition, the western development strategy and national attention to the "three rural" policy, will also be a longer period of sustained, it will have to open up a vast industrial belt of China's potential market. For example, the automotive industry as a pillar industry of China's national economy, the country will get continued support and development. According to official projections, the total demand of 2005 vehicles will reach 5.8 million, an increase of 12%, of which 2.75 million cars, an increase of 17% production growth rate remained at 15% to 20%, production and sales of nearly 600 million. Meanwhile, more and more car ownership, car ownership in China is now estimated to have exceeded 30 million, every 100 urban households own a car has more than 2, these data show that China's automobile industry developed rapidly. Relatively speaking, the average car ownership in China is still very low, with China's economic development level is not commensurate, if you want to reach the world advanced level, there is a great distance, so the car market still has great potential, and car matching the car belt development potential is also considerable. Similar agricultural machinery and automobile industry. According to reports, China is currently a variety of tractors, harvesting machinery, agricultural vehicles and the ownership society is close to 20 million units. Ownership is not small, but our country this large agricultural country, the average share is still quite low, certainly is the development of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery with a variety of transmission will increase with demand.

The foregoing analysis is expected in the future for a longer period of time, including the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's Tape is still a steady development period, both the conveyor belt or belts are good prospects for the domestic market.

From foreign market, the same to China provides opportunities for development of industrial tape. In recent years, showed a recovery in world economic trends, the momentum of economic recovery in developed countries than expected. Experts predict that the world economy will maintain a moderate recovery trend, which will China's economic and foreign markets have a greater positive impact, beneficial tape exports. Since 2002, China's annual export value growth of tape, to some extent explain this issue. Additionally, after years of development, China adhesive tape industry has basically have the ability to compete in the international market, as long as further increase the marketable product development and product quality improvement, efforts to develop international markets, on the international market can accounted for a larger share.

2.2 Main product output in 2010 forecast

Conveyor belt in China from 2001 to 2004 the average annual growth rate of the product 12.76%, 10% if the 2005 growth rate estimates, in 2005 the conveyor belt production will reach 110 million m2. 2006 ~ 2010 period, annual average If the growth rate estimated at 7% in 2010, the national conveyor belt production will reach 150 million m2. 2001 ~ 2004 V-Belt products in China the average annual growth rate of 9.6% by 2005 if the growth rate of 7% estimated that by 2005 V to reach 940 million with production Am. 2006 to 2010 period, average annual growth rate of 5% if measured according to the 2010 national V-belt production will reach 1.2 billion Am, also car Ribbed V-belt and car can reach 100 million around 10 million automotive timing belt so, industrial timing belt and ribbed belt from 3000 to 4000 million.

2.3 the main raw material demand in 2010

According to the forecast estimates, about 2010, the industry of raw rubber and elastomer materials such as polyvinyl chloride 140 000 t, including a variety of additives including carbon black of about 210,000 t. Fabric core conveyor belt to be of about 5.3 million t, steel wire of about 14,000 t; V with polyester cord and cord around 14,000 t, around 40,000 cotton canvas, etc. t.

3 Problems and Suggestions

3.1 of scientific development, focusing on efficiency

Sustainable development of China's national economy, the world economic recovery, global demand for steel, energy, building materials, automotive, food and other consumption growth, industry development has brought to the tape a good opportunity, the tape industry to seize this opportunity for development. However, the development of industrial tape to adhere to the scientific development concept, to focus on economic growth. At present, China adhesive tape production capacity, the total appears to oversupply, large output and low economic efficiency. Tape to attach importance to high-tech industry high-end product development, limiting low-tech, low-end product development. To avoid the supply and demand leading to price wars, to disrupt the market tape, adhesive tape industry economic impact. Economic efficiency is the market for enterprise-wide quality of feedback, but also the ultimate business goal, not benefits, to some extent, companies in the market, there is no longer necessary. In addition, given China's relatively backward western regions tape industry, investment and layout should attach importance to the development of the western region.

3.2 innovation, market expansion

Today's advanced tape technology is still Europe and Japan, compared with our belt technical level, there are still some gaps. Although part of China's annual exports of tape, and a rising trend year by year, but exports of products are generally relatively low technical content and price, benefits are relatively poor. On the contrary, in order to meet domestic market demand, it also import and export value is almost equivalent tape products, while imports of relatively high prices of tape. Therefore, the fundamental way our industry is the tape adhere to independent innovation, to expand foreign markets. Tape enterprises should strengthen the core technologies with independent intellectual property development through enhancing the intrinsic value-added products and increase brand effectiveness, and strengthen export advantage, to improve the value of export sales, the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of exports, exports become extensive export efficiency; the same time efforts to meet domestic market demand, minimize imports.

3.3 The development of circular economy, saving and consumption reduction

Development of circular economy is the scientific development of China's rubber industry a natural choice, especially in the current raw material prices rising, the obvious contradiction between energy supply and demand, industry, poor economic circumstances, greatly improve resource utilization, conserve energy, to improve the adhesive tape industry, economic efficiency has important practical significance. Tape should address its own characteristics, to improve resource utilization, save energy, development of circular economy as technological innovation, technological innovation is an important content. To further optimize the structural design of tape and plastic material formulation, to the smallest possible consumption of resources and environmental costs, to obtain the greatest possible economic and social benefits. Conveyor belt to further increase with the core wire and synthetic fiber as the proportion of high-strength conveyor belt, to improve belt life. V-belt to continue to promote the polyester cord, and improve the life and drive efficiency. Thermoplastic elastomers to increase the development and application. To develop tape repair and renovation techniques. Solvent in the production process to increase recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste water emissions. In addition, mixing tightly closed to try to achieve, promote carbon black, additives, fuel, and other automatic weighing, custody transfer, to minimize the loss of raw materials, save energy, reduce environmental pollution.

3.4 to strengthen industry self-regulation and product quality supervision

Competition of the current tape industry prices, production and operation efficiency in the outflow is a big problem. The face of non-standard market competition, self-adhesive tape industry must take action. We should give full play to the role of coordination and management of trade associations and tape product quality supervision department of product quality supervision. For the Association, the first campaign to organize the industry, allowing users to understand the tape industry; the second is the quality of credit organizations in activities to support product quality and good reputation; three brand-name products is to carry out training activities to enhance the competitiveness of the industry ; four companies face is to improve coordination, loss of business and guide enterprises to engage in disorderly competition. Quality supervision and inspection department of the tape, the tape is necessary to make co-association of credit quality activities; second is to strengthen ties with the departments concerned, regular random testing of adhesive tape products, and inform the sampling situation, against inferior products ; Third, continue the implementation of key production licensing system and product quality certification system

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