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China's development of downstream industries adhesive wear

Date:2011-07-15 09:21

1. Adhesive tape production equipment
 90 years ago, China adhesive tape production equipment to introduce the main. After 90 years, many factories began to develop its own adhesive tape production equipment. At present, the tape device manufacturers have more than 10. Many manufacturers of the equipment has been exported. Representative plant are: Zhuozhou China Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hebei Huaxia Group), Changzhou Yongsheng Packing Co., Ltd., Wenzhou god Group.
 Coater to 1.3m range-based, more wide positive direction, there are 1.6m and 2m width of the coating machine supply. BOPP adhesive tape coating speeds of up to 120-150m • min-1; PVC adhesive tape coating speed can reach 20-30m • min-1. Degree of automation equipment is gradually improving.

 2. Production of raw materials
 Adhesive tape industry and closely related to the plastics industry, the main use of plastic adhesive tape film has: BOPP film, PE film, PVC film, PET film and so on. One manufacturer of BOPP film more, there are more than 50, more than 80 production lines with annual production capacity of 500,000 t. Others such as PVC, PE, PET film is also a large number of manufacturers, to meet the basic needs of adhesive tape industry.
 In recent years, synthetic rubber and natural rubber production is rising, especially in the growing varieties of synthetic rubber. Dependent on imports of the original SIS, SBS and other flexible reflect existing Yanshan Petrochemical, Taiyuanshan petrochemical manufacturers.
 Acrylic monomers have been three-scale production. Tackifying resin industry has matured. Whether the number of varieties or, can meet the needs of pressure sensitive adhesive tape industry, from the past can only provide rosin, terpene resin, to the current offer of hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin petroleum resin and so on.

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