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Energy-saving environmental protection industry development policy analysis

Date:2011-09-26 10:35

In the State Department named seven strategic emerging industries, "green energy industry" is listed in the first place. The second half of 2009, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Environmental Protection began brewing the "energy-saving environmental protection industry development plan" is also pretty clear. "Five" environmental industry development status? "Twelve Five" period, the seven energy-saving environmental protection industry can become the strategic leader in the emerging industries?

Recently, the reporter went to the fair of the National Development and Reform Commission thematic pavilions. A progress hall, the first thing that catches the eye area is energy-saving environmental protection industry. More than 10 companies in the areas of energy saving, including desulfurization, energy-saving motors, LED energy-saving equipment and remanufactured products, and other fields is embodied in front of reporters.

Policies to boost energy-saving environmental protection industry

Antoine Hill in Shenzhen Special Electrical Co. booth, stocked with a variety of products, such as various types of rare-earth permanent magnet coreless motor, there are four different styles of fitness.

Different from other fitness equipment, this type of fitness can be converted into kinetic energy by the battery for storage.

"Sports 1 hour, saving enough electricity a household light bulb 10 hours." Antoine Hill Special Electrical Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen's Wang said: "The fitness equipment is filled with independent research and development of rare earth permanent Magnetic coreless motor, coreless motor to achieve a major breakthrough in design, to fill the gap. The new motor, supplies less than the traditional 1 / 3, also can be applied to diesel power plants, field armies, and a variety of industrial machine where. "

Reporters learned that, although the market has not fully opened, but the rare-earth permanent magnet coreless motor and broad development prospects. According to preliminary estimates, if the new motor has 1 / 3 replaced with this new product, the annual saving of nearly 500 billion kWh, saving silicon steel 500,000 tons, copper and 2 million tons, nearly one billion can create value economic and social benefits are substantial. Therefore, the National Development and Reform Commission has organized demonstration in conjunction with relevant departments, financial subsidies to promote innovation promotion mechanisms, so do the promotion.

According to association statistics related to 2009, energy-saving environmental protection industry achieved 1.7 trillion yuan output value and solve more than 2,700 people in employment, the company has more than 500 energy saving.

"Now, energy-saving environmental protection industry, including energy-saving industries, resource recycling and environmental industry and other industries with different traditional competitive industries, the market is not in the traditional sense of the market, but according to law enforcement and policy-driven development, not regulations and policies, the market is difficult to form. "National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Department Director Yao width recent interview with reporters, said.

"Because of regulatory enforcement and policy-driven, was effective in stimulating the market potential of energy saving." Yao W, for example, "With 'Eleventh Five-Year' during the sulfur dioxide emission standards to improve, and promote China's burgeoning industry and flue gas desulfurization development of future coal-fired gas power plant on the government control the total amount of nitrogen, then denitrification industry in the 'second five' during the development ushered in a greater opportunity. "

"Desulfurization industry so fast also exceeded our expectations." Recently, the industry leader in the domestic desulfurization Beijing China Long Yuan Electric Co., Ltd., general manager of environmental projects according to Meng Jie, told reporters said.

Exhibition area, the Beijing environmental protection projects China Long Yuan Electric Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong demonstrated its engineering simulation sandbox. Zhao Jie Meng told reporters: "Next we want to break into the international market."

In addition, according to Yao W, our country has been implementing energy-saving products engineering, financial subsidies to promote energy efficiency through air conditioning, only a year's time, it makes energy efficiency in a secondary energy-efficient air-conditioning market share of around 5% increase in 2008 to the present 50%. Although the financial subsidies of 20 billion, but driving consumer demand $ 20 billion, saving 1.5 billion kwh per year. In addition, because of tax concessions and the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of investment-led, eventually China's urban sewage treatment rate of waste increased by 10%.

Industry needs policy support

According to "2008 to 2009 energy saving China Industry Development Report" of computing, energy saving, environmental protection and resource recycling are three types of output up to 270 billion yuan, 480 billion yuan and 6600 yuan.

For the forthcoming national environmental planning, exhibition area, said many of energy-saving environmental protection enterprises expect. Yantai Wanhua Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager ecological board Wenjie told reporters that the company currently straw, twigs and straw as raw materials processing sheet, the product does not contain formaldehyde, but because of the higher initial cost industry, and traditional wood wood-based panels compared to the price competitiveness significantly. In recent years, business has been losing money, he wants the government to give farmers a straw or a similar number of such enterprises Wanhua subsidies. So as to encourage enterprises to large-scale production.

"Even in the industry to occupy the first, we still have a sense of crisis." Mengzhao Jie told reporters, like us, desulfurization and denitrification of 5% gross margin business not to, so go to the "five-second" switch during the many environmental companies may not done. "He suggested the country should be in the" five "during the price increase desulfurization, desulfurization by-product utilization formulate economic policy.

"Energy-saving environmental protection industry is the most typical of the industry-driven policies and regulations, policies and regulations to build a support system, the formation of energy-saving environmental protection industry development and policy-driven law enforcement, energy-saving environmental protection industry is a necessary condition for development." National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary Deputy Director Bingguang said, "To further improve the policy system, an incentive and restraint mechanisms, including fiscal policy, industrial policy, price policy, charging policy and financial aspects, energy-saving environmental protection industry is an important guarantee for sound development."

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