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Our franchise principle is that every franchisee should be willing to engage in tape industry and join us. Our company will appoint franchisees who sign the contract with us as licensed franchisees to utilize our trademarks and corporate name.

Franchise Advantages:
1. After signing the contract, the investor has the right to visit our company. The company will provide tape training to reduce operational risks caused by unfamiliarity of this industry.

2. The franchisees are entitled to use trademark and brand of the company. Several brand products of the company possess market share. The quality of our products are praised and recognized by many customers. Good brand reputation expresses value of brand.

3. For using our product counter and propagating our products, franchisees can negotiate with us on the issue of providing a certain amount of capital support by our company.

4. Return profit at the end of a year. According to terms and conditions of the contract signed in a year, our company will return a certain amount of profit of the actual sales volume of that year to franchisees with reference to specific sales condition.

5. Preferential right to purchase new products. Licensed franchisees have the right to purchase new products preferentially while the company developed new products.