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Talent Concept

The development of the company can not realize without talent and the competitiveness of the company depends on talent. We vigorously implement talent strategy and efficiently use human resources. “Respect Talent, Cultivate Talent, Ability & Integrity, Make the Best Use of Talent” is our talent concept.

I. Core Concept of Talent

Based on talent concept, we should set up new idea of “First Resource”. Based on the talent standard, we should establish new thought of “the person who is capable of doing something and can achieve success is talent”. For talent selection, we should build new idea of “Innovative Talent Selection”. For talent appointment, we should create new idea of “correctly appoint the person who is suitable for the position”.

II. Create a favorable growth environment for talent.

We should be good at creating environment for talent of various fields to make the best use of talent, and providing working stage for them to exert their talent; we should guide employees in loving their position, dedicating themselves to work, and making contributions to the company by aspiration and beliefs education for the purpose of enhancing their sense of responsibility and honor; we should create positive, united and harmonious interpersonal relationships and work environment, making them feel comfortable to work; we should try our best to take practical and effective measures for them within the allowable scope of policy to relieve all kinds of worries and retain talent by good treatment. The implementation of those requirements need to mobilize all forces to express our true care, understanding, love and trust to them. We will strive to create favorable working environment, interpersonal environment and living environment to let them possess the sense of pride, the feeling of achievement and the sense of honor that talent is recognized and respected by the company.

III. Improve the mechanism to furthest develop HR

We must rationally use HR, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, strictly eliminate promotion by qualification and thought barriers, introduce competition mechanism, provide fair promotion opportunities, expand talent selection and employment horizons, broaden the selection and appointment way, adhere to the principle of “Openness, Equality, Competition, Capability”, and appoint those “reliable and competent” talent to the key positions. Meanwhile, we should establish a flexible and dynamic talent competition mechanism. Only in this way can they give full play to their talent.

The company provides each employee with sound payment and social security and broad development space. However, Hubei Shushi Industry Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes talent to join us for a better future!